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Cameron Raynes, author, writer
Cameron Raynes grew up in Perth, the most remote capital city in the world. At 25, armed with a degree in Philosophy and Anthropology, he was sent to the edge of the Great Western Desert as a welfare worker. Three years later Cameron was in Darwin, doing a PhD. Since then he has worked as an anthropologist, house dad, archivist, editor, copywriter and academic. The author of The Last Protector and The Colour of Kerosene, Cameron now lives in Semaphore, a place more like a small coastal town than a suburb of Adelaide, and teaches Aboriginal history at the University of South Australia.


In 2008, Cameron won the Josephine Ulrick Literary Prize, at the time the richest in the world for a single short story. That story — ‘The Colour of Kerosene’ — became a short film in 2012. It was shown at the St Kilda Film Festival, the Shorts Film Festival, and the Barossa Film Festival, where it won Best Australian Film. First Person Shooter (to be released February 2016) takes up where the short film left off, on the outskirts of a small country town in decline. An Australian gothic tale.


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